Nursing Facilities in Hawaii

of Long Term Care Facilities

It is often thought that nursing facilities are simply places for elderly people who need more care than their families can provide or who do not have a family to care for them. This perception is a small part of the picture of the modern nursing facility. A nursing facility provides medical care and services and a doctor’s order is required for admission. Nursing facilities today provide highly specialized and sophisticated services for the young and old alike. Many residents have brief stays for recovery and rehabilitation, while others remain for long term care. Many services offered in nursing facilities were formerly offered only in hospitals. In addition to inpatient services, some nursing facilities are involved in outreach programs, such as day care and home health services.

We are now seeing more and more diverse types of care and services provided in nursing facilities. Increasingly they will care for young and old, pediatric cases, AIDS patients, ventilator patients and others. Subacute care, specialized therapies, respite care, hospice and many other programs will become commonplace in nursing facilities of the future.